Esentia Systems, Inc. is dedicated to customer support before and after the sale. Our sales department is fully trained  on items that they sale and have hand on installation experience both in house and in the field. Simply put, we will not sell a product if we don't know how it works inside and out! What sets us apart from our competitors is our knowledge of the  IT industry that has integrated with the security industry and has been a growing trend since the first DVR's hit the market in the late 1990's. 

We boast about our knowledge of being able to configure our customers DVR's, IP Megapixel Cameras, and HD CCTV DVR Systems into their existing networks, even remotely logging in if necessary. Our competitors often sit behind cubilces at a call center simply taking orders about products they see in a catalog and no nothing and getting service after the sell from them is impossible. Esentia Systems , Inc. will not let you down, we provide service before and after the sale, making recommendations on products before you purchase them. We want to make your installation as seamless as possible.